Five Law of Attraction Mental Tools

There are some mental tools that can help out greatly when using the Law of Attraction to help overcome some of the repetitive mental patterns keeping you from manifesting your desires. Here are five to help you along.

1. GAME OVER. Sometimes we can get caught up into the past mental looping cycle. You know, when you think of a past moment and you keep repeating it over and over again in your mind and before you know it you have been focusing on the past. This is great if it is a happy moment in your life but if it is a traumatic or negative moment, you are simply creating the situation over and over again and that will attract right back to you in some form. So here are two words to remember when you are mulling over that ten year old fight you had with Mom: GAME OVER. The moment you realize you are reliving something that doesn’t serve any purpose now, say to yourself: GAME OVER. No one is playing that past game anymore and neither should you. When thinking of your past, find out what you learned and then say it to yourself, “GAME OVER.” The past game is over. By acknowledging these trigger words the game no longer has to be played, and if someone else wants to bring the past up to you, you are free to no longer be a part of the game.

2. NO MISTAKES OR FAILURES. First of all there are no mistakes or failures. These are words that we too often use in society, yet society made them up. These negative descriptions likely came from a person who first felt insecure about himself, and sought another’s choice and declared it was wrong and therefore is a “failure.” “Mistakes” or “failures” are just words. They are the description of an event, not a person. You didn’t desire whatever the situation was to be a mistake or a failure, you were just making a choice and putting focus on a path that at the time seemed right. Look back on what you call your mistake or failure without any emotion and see the true lesson that you may have learned from it. That lesson is the gold nugget in your past choice because the lesson is what you got out of it. No more energy required.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOU. Many people take care of everyone else’s needs before their own. This may appear as if they are caring people but when they put others before their own needs, they will attract just that. Everyone else will need and want their attention first. This can be tiring and begin a cycle that won’t stop. Does everyone know that you will drop everything for them? Have you ever stopped to think by doing this you are not allowing them to learn from their own experiences? If you take care of every little thing for someone else how are they going to learn about life? There is nothing wrong with helping others as long as you have given yourself time as well. Here is a perfect analogy: When you board an airplane the flight attendant reminds you that in the event of an emergency, to please put your oxygen mask on before you affix your child’s oxygen mask. You know why? Because if you attempt to take care of your child first and pass out from lack of oxygen for yourself, you won’t be around to help him anymore. But if you take care of your own oxygen mask first, you will be there for your child. Make yourself the priority and then help others. You’ll be happier and so will the people you are helping.

4. KNOW WHAT THE FOCUS IS. When you desire something, instead of visualizing and focusing on the actual desire like money, career, health, or a loving relationship, get down to the nitty gritty and determine what it is that you really want from the material desire. Let’s take money for example. Instead of visualizing on $100,000 arriving at your door, focus on what it is that you ultimately want from the money. What will the money bring you in emotional terms? Do you want money so that you will feel safe, secure, confident, and relieved of stress? Then focus on those feelings and include them in your visualization and focus. Sometimes the logical mind can’t believe that you could make money quickly or a sum of $100,000.00 and then the lack and disbelief plays the lead role part in the money not coming. Cut straight to the chase by visualizing the emotions and the joy of what money will bring you. By doing this, you are bypassing and confusing the logical mind’s ability to recognize lack and instead you feel exactly what you want from the money. It is just as effective, and the logical mind doesn’t seem to have a problem with feeling safe, secure, confident, and relieved from stress when you take money out of the equation. The Universe will then comply with your feelings and what will it bring you all those emotions? Money.

5. LIVE IN JOY. This is one that some people forget as they are focusing on their desires and doing their best to live in the joy. When focusing and visualizing on your desires don’t forget to see it with ease. When you see it with ease it will come a lot easier and smoother for you.

So there you have a few mental tools to further you along when applying the Law of Attraction. Happy creating!

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